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Many, if not most, procrastinate instead of taking action at crucial momentum points.

Nothing occurs until action has been taken. Strong aspirations for your sales career will not create the necessary momentum without the following key elements:

First, you will need a vision from your imagination mind on what it is exactly what you want to create in your sales career.

Second, you will need to create a roadmap or strategy on how you plan to accomplish the vision you have imagined.

Additionally, you will want to remain committed to following through by trusting in the process until the vision is complete.

Though the steps are simple to follow, most people get off at the trust in the process step.

Are there ways that you can stay committed to following the process and trusting the process till the very end? In my book, Master of the Sales Universe, I share a method that can assist anyone into staying more committed to taking action. Here is how...

Consider this technique is like having a remote control, that each day you can push a button that will shift your thought vibrational energy and lead you into instant action taking towards your strategy and envisioned plan.

In the hardback copy of the Master of the Sales Universe book, there is a poster that is called COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. This poster has two hand prints, which will be used like a remote control button. This technique will require you to make a commitment (unwavering determination) to your vision. YOU MUST BE TOTALLY COMMITTED! The hand spaces provide your actual results button. Each day at your work station, whether in the office or at home, have the Commitment to Excellence sign displayed. Make a habit of each day placing your hands in the spaces. Say Aloud, "Commitment to Excellence"and follow that by taking an immediate action towards your vision, from your written strategy.

The verbal commitment to excellence, combined with the transference of thought vibrational energy when touching the poster and reinforced by immediate action taking WILL create a daily habit. Why it works is because of a combination of natural law mastery.

Read Master of the Sales Universe to understand more on how action steps like these can change your habits and your results.

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