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My name is Mark Dennis Maurer and I love sales! I have spent the last 25 years in resort and real estate sales all while consuming countless books and sales materials along the way. I have concluded, through years of success, that mastery of any subject is related to the laws of the universe and sales mastery is no exception.  In my book, I break down all of the universal laws and how they correlate to success in your sales career.  I want to help improve the lives of millions of sales people all over the world by providing insight into details few have explored in this capacity. 


The purpose of the Master of the Sales Universe is to provide a guide to creating a successful sales career.   Without a deep understanding of the irrefutable laws, we can not fairly assess our lives nor expect to attract into it the elements we need to succeed. I have been fascinated with these laws and now I have the opportunity to share what I've learned with any and all whom are seeking a greater level of appreciation and gratitude for their lives and sales careers.  My hope is that many of the concepts will resonate with you to a point where you will change your outlook on all challenges that come your way.  I personally thank you for purchase of the book and look forward to meet you one day to discuss what you take from the materials.   

My career has taken me to beautiful places in Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, Mexico.  Cabo San Lucas is where I call home (but I am always a Texan).  I am grateful for my wonderful family and my amazing lady!  

  • $30,000,000+ in front to back timeshare sales

  •  $1,866,000 per year career average

  •  Sales Manager - Assistant  Sales Manager - Sales Trainer - Sales Executive - Real Estate Licenses - Podium/Public Speaker 

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